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Here you will find a special collection of yoga clothing for men. Comfortable, functional, and affordable men's wear for any style of yoga practice or active lifestyle.

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    mbody was conceptualized by yoga instructor, John Cottrell, and designed to suit the male yogi in his yoga practice and other sport activities. He and his team of designers and local practicing yogis have helped to produce an excellent array of comfortable, functional, and affordable yoga clothing for men.

    ONA, a small family owned business in Brazil, manufactures mbody clothing. They specialize in designing athletic wear for men and women and have been in the manufacturing business for over 30 years. Because they are a small business, they do their very best to find good deals on local high quality fabrics for their designs. This, in turn, helps their customers get the best rates on fabric, manufacturing, and shipping. That is why mbody is able to provide men's yoga clothing at such a reasonable price.